Available Work
I grew up in Southern California in the hills just outside of Riverside. As a child, I spent most of my spare time either enjoying the outdoors or creating images related to the outdoors. Many hours were spent chasing local reptiles, finding jack rabbits and cotton tails, or watching red-tailed hawks gliding on warm wind currents. Also, I would draw images of Native Americans from the 1800's and study about Native American cultures.

My own ancestry includes very little Native American blood; nevertheless, I have always been an appreciative observer of Native American culture. For me, their culture has served as a symbol of bravery, spirituality, romance, harmony, and freedom.

I am thankful for the symbol of courage and endurance that the Native American Culture is for our country.

My interest in art began around the age of four while visiting my grandparents' home. My grandfather, himself a very accomplished oil painter, displayed a beautiful Utah landscape with grazing buffalo in the foreground on his living room wall. From him came my love for the outdoors, wildlife, the old west and the need to express these passions through art.

Although my Grandfather's mentoring had a powerful effect on me, I am mostly self-taught. Just before I graduated from high school, I did meet a professional artist who decided to take me under her wing and hone my artistic skills.

I strive to include meaning, lessons, feelings, and emotions in each piece. My hope as an artist is to be able to continue to express my admiration for those things which lift our souls and help us understand the divinity in ourselves and in all of God's creations.

I create objects that I feel a connection to and that others might relate to as well. I love when others can find elements of themselves in the things I create—whether in the majestic nobility of a Native American woman who has overcome the hardships of life or in the whimsical golfer who has just missed the golf ball by at least a half of a foot.

After becoming engaged to my sweetheart Aimee in 1997, I concluded that the only way for me to continue creating the art I love and still support my family was to become a professional fine artist. For a while, I continued doing freelance and commercial art. I worked mostly as a watercolorist until the year 2000, when I switched over to working almost exclusively in bronze. Since that time, I have displayed work in juried art shows, and have placed works within galleries both within and without of the state of Utah.

In the future, I plan to expand my portfolio to include larger pieces, unique applications, and a wider range of subject matter. My goals are centered on making a living doing what I love so I can spend the rest of my time with the people I love. I hope I can teach my children to appreciate all the works of our Creator, and as an artist, I hope to be able to continue to express my admiration for those things which lift our souls and help us understand the divinity in ourselves and all of God's creations.